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Nov 16th, 2021

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Ulala is an MMORPG that takes you back to the Stone Age to join a peculiar tribe. In this adventure-filled game, you play a primitive character and face off against a wide variety of beings in groups. It’s hunting season, and you can use many different skills to defeat your adversaries.

Ulala’s design is highly appealing and shows you every corner of this universe in 3D. Characters in this game are also well developed, and you can personalize these ancient hunter’s names and basic features. Also, one of this game’s keys is that your skills automatically level up.

When you explore the world of Ulala, you are accompanied by other players. Forming a great team is essential if you want to make progress by finishing off all of the animals and dinosaurs that you cross paths with. You even have the option to collect pets, and this gives you more strength in every battle. It’s also worth noting that fight moves are also generated automatically. With just one click, you can take out your opponents while you clear the way with your team. As an aid, there is a status bar so that you can check the health of any rival that attacks you.

Ulala also has a chat system so that you can talk to other players. This improves the game experience because it helps to bring you together with the huge community of players. This is how you can discover new equipment to gain strength during combat.

With Ulala, you go back in time to face off against monsters and a plethora of prehistoric animals. The diversity of the game’s animals and the dynamic gameplay, help you to enjoy every game while exploring the universe with other players.
Reviewed by Carlos Martínez Translated by Ashley

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